In some old lenses, thoriated glass was used, which emits some amounts of radiation. Is this radiation effect visible on the negatives?

As we know, some old lenses used Thoriated glass which give off non-negligible amounts of radiation. Although the radiation isn’t really harmful to the photographer, I’m wondering if it could be detected on film photographs. The radiation that hits the photographer would have had to travel through the film to get to him/her. (Nothing is, however, coming out of the eyepiece since the radioactive radiation doesn’t usually reflect off the mirrors like light.)

For this SE, I’m wondering if anyone knows of an example photo where such radiation effects is visible (presumably as black specks on the negative). Perhaps someone has mistakenly wound past a frame without exposing it, and found specks on that unexposed frame? I’m guessing that it’s most easily seen on some high-sensitivity and/or large-grain B&W film.

Maybe such effects can be picked up by a digital sensor, but I’m guessing that it could be hard to distinguish that from noise.