Did anyone (except flight crews perhaps) ever go from London to New York on a Concorde and return to London on the same day?

The Concorde was a supersonic passenger jet, with an average flight time around 3 hours and 30 minutes between London to New York. As can be seen here Complete List of Concorde Scheduled Flight between 1991-2000 British Airways operated the following flights:

BAW001 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25
BAW002 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00
BAW003 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:19:30 ARR:18:25
BAW004 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:13:30 ARR:22:25

The Atlantic states:

With twice-daily service from London to New York, it was not uncommon for businesspeople to take day trips and return home before pubs closed.

I have never found anyone that actually did. Technically, it was possible but it always seemed to be a more of a grandiose statement about the Concorde’s capabilities rather than something that really happened.

For clarification: This refers to people that would have bought tickets or had a company buy tickets for them. So not including Pilots or Crew.